How to Choose the Right Parking Solution for Your Property?

The emerging technological advancements have not merely revolutionized the business landscape, but the improvements have significantly transformed every aspect of our lives. In the hustle-bustle world, the increasing number of vehicles on the road leads to haphazard parking, resulting in chaos and security risks. 

Unauthorized parking is a common challenge that every driver usually encounters regardless of corporate or residential space. The traditional parking experience has often been plagued by various issues including safety concerns, limited parking areas, and locating the perfect parking spot to fit your vehicle. 

This post is the ultimate guide to learning what needs to ponder while choosing the modern yet most suitable parking solution for your home or business.  

Digitization has dramatically impacted every sector, the parking industry is no exception. Automated parking has taken the world by storm, and smart parking bollards are an ideal solution that guarantees safety and prevents disruptions. 

The need for parking bollards has become more critical than ever to meet high-security parking requirements. There’s no denying the fact, technology has reshaped the parking experience by enabling operators and users to secure their spaces for parking without hassles and conflicts.

The cutting-edge technologies in automatic parking bollards have sought to overcome the above-mentioned challenges, improve efficiency, maximize space utilization, and enhanced security measures. 

 Reasons to Choose Smart Parking Bollards 

  • Smartphone-controlled parking bollards ensure the safety of pedestrians and assets 
  • The bollards are designed to prevent accidents and collisions between pedestrians and vehicles as the fluorescent yellow finish which is visible from a far distance
  • These retractable barriers are controlled by a remote system or access control mechanisms to offer better traffic control and parking management 
  • The smart parking bollards are equipped with cameras, sensors, Bluetooth, and control systems that automatically detect authorized vehicles and regulate access based on pre-defined settings
  •  Efficient traffic flow management leads to regulating the entry and exit of vehicles in congested areas. The users don’t have to wait and this further improves the traffic flow within the parking areas. 
  • By getting the parking-bollards installed in commercial and residential parking lots, the owners can reserve the parking area for disabled people 
  • The smart parking bollard brings forth numerous benefits with an integration of technology. 

Factors to Keep in Account When Selecting Smart Parking Bollards 

  • Degree of Security: Despite the shape, design, and size, the parking bollards are best meant to offer protection. To bolster the security measures, it's of utmost importance to decide on the suitable bollard type based on the level of security you want to add to your parking space.
  • Parking Area Assessment: Which smart parking bollard will serve the purpose? Well, to find the right bollard it’s necessary to analyze the parking lot space, the traffic congestion, and the layout of your sensitive parking areas. 
  • Cost Constraints: The cost and budget for purchasing a parking bollard depend on various elements such as bollard type, professional installation, and location. 
  • Usability: Assess the intense usage of the smart parking bollard and then make up your mind on selecting either the automated or manual parking bollard. In the modern landscape, parking bollards have various applications. Consider the one buying that meets geographical requirements and withstands all kinds of weather conditions. 
  • Maintenance of Bollards: The need for maintenance will cost you. Therefore, always keep in account the cost involved in maintenance, repairs, and replacement of parking bollards. 
  • Removable, Folding, or Retractable Bollards: What style of bollard you should prefer for your parking requires you to figure out the controlling access of the bollards. From removing the bollards entirely to folding them down for easy portability to manually lowering them down, you can select the bollards accordingly. 
  • What size do you need?: The height and diameter of a bollard are essential to consider to get parking bollards efficiently installed at your desired location. 

Before investing in and installing automatic parking systems be it locks or bollards, it is advisable to find the answers to questions that stress you. Focus on the factors shared here.

To Sum Up  

Parking is no longer an issue nowadays due to the advent of technology-rich fully featured parking bollards that are affordable, easy to use, and takes the pain out of parking vehicles. Hence, installing bollards cannot only protect you, your vehicles, and your assets but also offers peace of mind by letting you create safe surroundings. 

Fully Automated Parking Solutions by Park Master 

Park Master is an Australia-based platform pioneer in securing your parking spaces with its comprehensive range of parking security solutions. The parking lock specialists have an astute knowledge of the products and guide users about the types, features, functionalities, and capabilities of parking bollards. 

 We encompass a range of bollard products including:

  • User-Friendly Bluetooth Parking Bollard with Automatic Closing 
  • Bluetooth Parking Bollard 
  • Remote Control Parking Bollard 
  • Manual Parking Bollard 

To learn more about each bollard type, and its application of use, click here

Feel free to buy automatic bollards over traditional parking solutions at the most cost-effective prices only at Park Master. 

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