Modern Car Parking Bollards in Gold Coast: Tips to Buy, Uses, and Industries Served

Public areas, roads, churches, and parking lots are a few of the places that are quite busy throughout the day and need proper traffic management to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Bollards act as an access control and safety device that enables drivers to always drive in the right direction and in the designated areas. These are short posts that are embedded in a sidewalk, street, parking lot, or other similar surfaces. There are different types of bollards that are suitable for various purposes.

A few of the popular types of bollards include fixed bollards, manual bollards, automatic bollards, and removable bollards. Now let's get started with a few tips that will help you buy the perfect bollard as per your needs.

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Useful Tips for Buying Bollards

Material of the Bollards

The material used for manufacturing the bollards is really essential as it determines their strength and longevity. Inmost cases, businesses design their bollards in such a way that their functional structures match the aesthetic of the surroundings. Choosing stainless steel is a great option as it easily fits specific styles and also offers a long lifespan sustainable in different climatic conditions. Aluminum is another great option for preventing rust. Every material has its own significance. It solely depends on the purpose for which the bollards Gold Coast is to be used.

Functionality of the Bollards

The types of bollards that you choose should depend on how they will function in a specific environment and the benefits they will provide. There are various services that bollards provide including managing traffic, securing vehicles, and blocking off pedestrian areas. Also, you should take into consideration the unique features of the bollard that are needed to meet different functions. Once you know the purpose of the bollard, the final decision can be made.

Design of the Bollards

Having a unique design is important in order to install the bollards according to the aesthetic of the surroundings. There are various elements that can be customized like color, shape, size, and material to help them blend into their environment. Also, every bollard has its own design elements that play a role in its function and appearance. Choosing the right material also helps in functioning the bollards at their best.

Uses of Bollards

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are the perfect solution for permanent layouts where you don't have to vary access. These are one of the simplest and most cost-effective choices.

Automatic Bollards

These bollards are ideal for places where the flow of traffic is not consistent and often varies. Automatic bollards are perfect at the entrance to zoos, museums, or other public facilities where admittance needs to be restricted after a certain hour.

Manual Bollards

Manual bollards are quite similar to automatic bollards, however, the only difference is the way in which these perform retraction. These bollards are helpful for basic access control applications and in places where you don't need a remote operation.

Removable Bollards

Similar to manual and automatic, removable safety bollards Gold Coast are well suited for places where access privileges change occasionally, however, not too frequently.

Industry Uses of Bollards

Different types of bollards have their individual usefulness and applications across the various places where they are installed. Below are a few of the common industries that use bollards:

Government Places

Government buildings are a great place for installing bollards. There are many ways in which government contractors usually use them. Bollards are helpful to provide guides around the different public walkways where you don't want vehicle access.

Education and University Campuses

Educational buildings often require parking space bollards for protecting pedestrians and students in specific areas where vehicles also need some access. As universities and schools are high-traffic areas, it’s critical that the traffic operates properly.


Businesses use bollards to block off certain areas in order to ensure the safety of their employees. Also, bollards are used in the typical landscaping and sidewalk applications on business premises.

Restaurants and Storefronts

Restaurants utilize bollards on the side walks of a building for ensuring cars accidentally don’t drive up onto the sidewalk. Also, storefronts use bollards to avoid intentional or accidental incidents. Bollards create a functional as well as aesthetic barrier for protecting pedestrians within a store and on the sidewalk.

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