Top 5 Parking Lot Issues and Recommended Solutions

Parking Lot

In today's time, there are several parking lot issues that individuals and businesses need to combat daily. Due to this, parking management has become a pivotal concern. However, using parking lot bollards have proven to provide a wide range of benefits including ensuring the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and infrastructure. Providing safety is one of the prime reasons to install bollards, however, they provide much more than just safety.

There are several perks of parking lot bollards. Below let's take a look at a few of the top parking lot issues and how installing bollards provides parking space solutions.

  • Parking Lot Safety

Accidents are bound to happen when people get confused and end up driving or walking in places where they should have avoided. However, when you have bollards installed you don't have to worry about such incidents. As the perfect parking space solutions, bollards provide visual protection and ensure drivers and pedestrians are able to easily understand the path for walking and driving safely. Most high quality bollards are designed in such a way that makes them noticeable to the human eye. Due to their upright position and appearance, it is hard to miss bollards and they provide improved parking lot safety.

  • Unauthorized Access of Vehicles and People

Vehicles that enter an unauthorized area can lead to accidents causing damage to surroundings and also harm people. In order to avoid the parking issues, you need a solution. This is where bollards come into the discussion. They create a strong barrier for safeguarding pedestrians and buildings. Also, bollards help in preventing unwanted automobile access. High grade bollards that are manufactured by using structural-grade steel and other durable materials provide the highest level of security in different circumstances. In a few places, automatic parking space blockers are placed strategically in order to prevent robberies when a thief tries to rob and run.

  • Getting Access Control

Having access control at designated locations and customizing the daily or seasonal use of an area is necessary. Bollards whether collapsible or mobile are perfect to control access. Using bollards helps insetting up a reserved parking area and solving parking issues. The best part about bollards is that when an event is over, they can be collapsed or removed. Access control enhances the overall security of a place. Collapsible bollards protect the entrance to an area and enable security officials to have complete control over who has access. With bollards installed, only verified people will be able to enter when required and the unverified people can be kept out. Bollards restrict vehicles from using specific areas not designated for them.

  • Unsecured Areas

Children, the elderly, and a few other people are vulnerable in areas that are not secure. Bollards help in securing an area by forming a perimeter around the specific location. Also, bollards are great parking space solutions and provide physical and visual protection benefits to all the people who are within the boundary. When placed close enough, bollards make pedestrian access to an area that's challenging. This further shows that they shouldn't enter the area. Bollards that are brightly colored instruct drivers and help them stay away from certain areas and also physically stop them in case they keep on driving.

  • Low Lighting

One of the major concerns faced by drivers is due to low lighting. When the lighting is not proper, drivers aren't able to see the parking spots and any other pedestrians who pass by. Also, pedestrians need adequate lighting to know the path where they walk to avoid straying into are as that are unsafe. Lighted bollards enable pedestrians and motorists to follow the correct path especially when it is dark. When bollard lighting is done along a walking path, it clearly guides a person to reach their destination. Also, people are aware of where to drive without causing any damage to their cars when an area is marked by illuminated bollards. In parking lots, automatic parking space blockers make sure people only drive in designated areas.


Parking Lot Safety
Parking lot Safety

These are some of the most common parking lot issues we face on a day-to-day basis. With the installation of right car parking bollards these issues can easily be avoided. If you are considering to install parking bollards for your car parking space, get in touch with our experts at Park Master Oz. We specialize in offering manual as well as Bluetooth and remote controlled car parking bollards that are easy to operate. We will help you pick and install the right bollards that will help solve your parking lot issues. Bollards have proven to be great parking space solutions and have become the preferred choice of parking lot owners. As bollards are a long term investment, it is essential that you make the right decision.

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