Car Parking Bollards & Locks


Bluetooth Car Parking Lock with Automatic Closing

Bluetooth Parking Bollard with Automatic Closing

$ 420.00 AUD

A user-friendly parking lock that is Bluetooth activated to automatically recognise and close once your vehicle leaves the parking space. Share your space with an unlimited number of users via your IOS or Android smartphone App. With a Bluetooth range of 20 metres you won’t need to leave your car and ensure your comfort and safety every time.

Ships within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

  • Auto closing

  • Smartphone application


Bluetooth Car Parking Lock

Bluetooth Parking Bollard

$ 350.00 AUD

With a simple click of the button on your IOS or Android Smartphone App your parking lock will automatically unlock and lock as needed. With a 5 second rise/fall time you won’t be left waiting for long periods of time or need to leave your vehicle. Share your parking space with an unlimited number of users via the App.

Ships within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

  • Share with unlimited users

  • Smartphone application

Remote Control

Remote Control Car Park Lock - Bollard // Park Master

Remote Control Parking Bollard

$ 370.00 AUD

This parking solution is perfect for those wanting an easy remote control option. Including an anti-theft protection alarm, rechargeable batteries and a remote control range of 30 – 50 metres you can simply drive up and park in your space. With an additional 15 remotes able to be programmed you can easily share your parking space when needed.

Ships within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

  • Remote Control Operation

  • Anti-Theft Protection Alarm

Manual Locking

Manual Fold Down Car Park Bollard // Park Master

Manual Parking Bollard

$ 180.00 AUD

This cost-effective solution is a manual alternative that simply folds down with the turn of a key. With an internal locking system, you won’t need additional padlocks. At a height of 610mm and made of carbon steel you can be assured that your parking space will be securely reserved for you every time.

Ships within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

  • Easy to lift and fold - locking in seconds

  • Internal locking system


Extra Remote Controls

$ 40.00 AUD

Extra Battery *for remote control lock only

$ 50.00 AUD

Car Parking Bollards Australia

Park Master understands your parking frustrations and provides you or your business with straightforward solutions to secure parking spaces. Whether you prefer an automated parking bollard system, operated via remote control or a simple key, we've got your parking bollard needs covered.

Stop illegal parkers in their tracks with a bollard that suits your needs.  With the great service of Park Master Oz, we will have you back in control of spot.

Car Parking Bollards to Secure Your Parking Space

Park Master Oz is your home for parking locks and parking bollards in Australia. Our tailor made parking bollards are shipped Australia Wide. We also offer a great range of parking locks, parking barriers and fold down stainless steel bollards. Eliminate your parking issues with car park bollards

All our car park bollards are designed to deliver convenient protection to your property and parking spot.  Our best sellers include Bluetooth Car Parking Bollard with Automatic Closing and Remote Control Car Parking Bollard.

Park Master has high quality parking bollards that can be delivered across Sydney, Melbourne and any other Australian cities. Professional installation is available across Metro Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle.

What is a car park bollard?

Parking bollards are small barriers used to effectively secure your car park from unauthorized vehicle access. They are often used in shopping centres, commercial premises, disabled shared zones and residential buildings across Australia. Many businesses install car parking bollards to ensure staff have access to a convenient parking location and to control vehicle traffic.  The ultimate barrier to unwanted vehicles, car park bollards offer a durable solution.

Some businesses prefer removable bollards over the convenience of secure fold down parking bollards.